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Dumpster Do’s and Don’ts


Ensure unobstructed access to the drop-off location during both delivery and pick-up.

Provide detailed instructions on the preferred delivery location and time when making your booking.


For scheduling or extending a dumpster rental, kindly provide ample advance notice to facilitate smoother service and ensure availability for you and others.


Avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of the dumpster to ensure safe tarping and hauling when it’s loaded for removal.

Please refrain from disposing of tires, wet paint, or any toxic/hazardous materials.

No car batteries or other hazardous electronics in the dumpster.

Appliances containing compressors such as refrigerators or air conditioning units should not be placed in the dumpster.

Dispose of flammable liquids such as gas, fuel, stains, wet paint, paint thinner, stripper, or lacquer through appropriate channels and not in the dumpster.